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Jan 1st - Dec 31st Free Live Weekend Entertainment
Dolphin Mall

Free Live Weekend Entertainment

Shop, eat and enjoy live musical entertainment in the Ramblas Plaza stage at Entry 3 every Friday and Saturday from  8pm to 12am, and Sundays from 4pm to 8pm.

 Friday, June 18       LA TRADICION                     8pm to 12am

Saturday, July 19    DAVID FERNANDO                8pm to 12am

Sunday, July 20      RICO BAND           4pm to 8pm

Friday, July 25       BRAZILIAN EXPLOSION                     8pm to 12am

Saturday, July 26    LA TRADICION                8pm to 12am

Sunday, July 27      DAVID FERNANDO        4pm to 8pm

Friday, August 1       AXEL ALEMAN                8pm to 12am

Saturday, August 2   MARIA CON AZUCA                8pm to 12am

Sunday, August 3          CACHE                4pm to 8pm

Friday, August 8       LA TRADICION                     8pm to 12am

Saturday, August 9    BRAZILIAN EXPLOSION             8pm to 12am

Sunday, August 10      DEBBIE ORTA               4pm to 8pm

Jan 1st - Dec 27th Splasher's Kids Club
Dolphin Mall

Splasher's Kids Club

Join the festivities every first Saturday of the month from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Play Area, in the Atrio Food Court, Playa as the Dolphin Mall Splasher's Kids Club presents fun for all featuring musical entertainment, activities, face painting, giveaways and more!

Event Dates:

  • July 5
  • August 2
  • September 6
  • October 4
  • November 1
  • December 6

Splasher's members receive exclusive offers from participating stores.

Aug 29th Dolphins Football Fiesta
Miami Dolphins

Dolphins Football Fiesta

Miami Dolphins

Come and enjoy the Dolphins Football Fiesta taking place in the Ramblas Plaza stage at Dolphin Mall. Let's celebrate the Hispanic culture with music, dance, and add a Miami Dolphins Football twist with a spicy game show that encourages participation from fans of all ages.  Cheerleaders, Alumni and other special guest are expected to be in attendance to sign autographs and take pictures!

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